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Infiniti Q60 Carbon fiber vented fenders GT style

Infiniti Q60 Carbon fiber vented fenders GT style

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Introducing the Infiniti Q60 Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders GT Style by S-Motorsports! Elevate your car's style and performance with these exceptional fenders that are set to revolutionize your driving experience. Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, these fenders are the epitome of automotive excellence.

Made from high-quality carbon fiber, these fenders are not only lightweight but also incredibly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. The sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle, making it stand out from the crowd.

With a height of 65 cm, length of 155 cm, and width of 55 cm, these fenders are specifically designed to fit your Infiniti Q60 flawlessly. The excellent fitment guarantees a seamless integration with your car's existing bodywork, giving it a customized and sporty look that will turn heads wherever you go.

But these fenders aren't just about aesthetics. The vented design allows for improved airflow, reducing drag and increasing aerodynamic efficiency. This means enhanced performance and a smoother ride, whether you're cruising on the highway or taking on sharp corners on the racetrack.

When it comes to quality, these fenders leave no room for compromise. S-Motorsports is renowned for its commitment to excellence, and these carbon fiber fenders are no exception. With their outstanding build quality, you can trust that they will withstand the test of time and provide you with unparalleled performance.

What's more, these fenders come with free shipping nationwide, making them even more irresistible. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of the best-selling carbon fiber fenders of the year for the Q60. Upgrade your Infiniti Q60 today and experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and quality with the Infiniti Q60 Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders GT Style by S-Motorsports.

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