Pre-order Policy

To help us provide you and your customers with a high level of competitive parts service, all orders entered by e-mail or in writing should include the following information:

0. Payment deposit of 50%

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Ship To Address

4. Name of Individual Placing Order

5. Requested Freight Routing

6. Purchase Order Number

7. Quantity, Part Number and Description

8. Order Classification NOTE: It is not necessary to provide confirming orders. If a confirming order is sent, please clearly mark “Confirming” or “Confirming Order” on the document and email to

S-MOTORSPORTS LLC strives to maintain a high level of parts availability. If an ordered item is out of stock or if the full quantity ordered is not available, the item and quantity are automatically backordered. Confirmation of a backordered item is shown on the WEBSITE Invoice. Backordered items are expedited and shipped as soon as available. Items backordered by S-MOTORSPORTS LLC may be canceled by the BUYER. Backordered items will be shipped via the original routing specified for the order unless the BUYER notifies S-MOTORSPORTS LLC otherwise. Backordered items will be shipped at the BUYER'S expense.